I am a versatile and passionate director who focuses her practise on researching new ways of storytelling and giving space and visibility to untold stories. I believe form is as political as content. As a BAME artist I am also very concerned with championing opportunities for artists from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities and in doing so, I believe passionately in the arts as a medium to bring about real cultural change.

Originally from France with an Armenian heritage, I am based in East London. I trained as an actor and theatre maker at Jacques Lecoq School in Paris. At the age of 21 I went on to start my own theatre company. My first production was The Maids by Jean Genet for which I won the Paris Jeunes Talents price. Over five years I put on a variety of productions from adaptations of classics to new writing and devised performances. Throughout this time I built a strong artistic identity for the company focusing on feminist and political work. Since 2010 I have been working freelance, collaborating with international artists from different artistic backgrounds including contemporary dancers from Europe and theatre practitioners from across Asia. This included a long residency at La Cartoucherie in Paris, a venue well known for welcoming diverse artists as well as non professional performers, including political refugees. Working in this environment was a source of inspiration that contributed to my artistic growth and influenced my personal journey. In 2014 I performed with director and choreographer Philippe Ducou on the production of ‘K Delices’ at Arta/Cartoucherie. The performance is a devised Tanz Theater piece in the tradition of Pina Bausch. In 2015, I made the decision to return to education and to change country, studying on the MA in Text and Performance taught at RADA and Birkbeck.

Today, I am still making work 12 years after The Maids. I love London. I observe and get inspired. I have met many creatives and amazing collaborators so far. I consider theatre as a family affair. I am passionate about actors and love to create a safe cocoon where we can all explore together.